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At TerraXplorers we specialize in premiere scuba diving & land excursions like archaeological tours, cenote exploring and more.

We value nature and culture above all. Our priority is always to give our guests an authentic experience of the place they are visiting while trying to respect the environment we are entering as much as possible, whether on a TerraXplorers scuba diving trip or a private arranged land excursion through ancient Mayan ruins.

If you are someone who enjoys nature & cultural experiences, you are going to like exploring and traveling with TerraXplorers.



* We cater to all types of travelers. We are an NFT founded company on OpenSea.

The Artist....

Tarzan Underwater.


Born and raised in Banderas Bay, Mexico. Adventure, nature and cultural traditions formed his childhood leading Tarzan into a life of exploration and discovery.

Being a scuba diver since 8 years old put Tarzan in contact with with the most unique and amazing creatures that the ocean has to offer. At the same time being exposed to the high mountain jungles of western coastal Mexico, home to aextreme wilderness filled with waterfalls and canyons. This created a deep impact within him in terms of searching and preserving our ocean habitats and land reserves. 

The fire for adventure within took him to places all over the world. Having lived in 6 different countries he believes he has found the best in terms of nature, history and people in this remote and unknown jungly corner of the Yucatan Peninsula, far from all of the mass tourism sites in the area.  

Capturing in photography pristine environments that remain intact over time along with exotic wildlife is Tarzans biggest passion. He loves to share these sacred spaces with his guests, always treating with the utmost respect the environments they enter and animals they interact with, whether it be sharks in a coral reef or ascending a pyramid at an ancient archaeological Mayan ruin.  

The jungle has always been Tarzans home, feeling extremely comfortable navigating through the ancients forests of Quintana Roo, where an adventure awaits at every turn. Same can be said about the wilderness found in the ocean near Mahahual where an abundance of Caribbean wildlife exists. 

Before deciding to become Tarzan and live luxuriously savage he was better known as Cris Gonzalez a Hotel Manager that was in the luxury hospitality industry for over a dozen years working in various destinations throughout the world, mainly in remote and natural areas. Hospitality is a specialty of ours!   

We can't wait to have you join us in one of our signature trips into the wild side of Mayan Coast.


Tarzan Underwater and TerraXplorers

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