Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve
Scuba dive Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve, Mexico's and the Caribbean's largest atoll, located just one hour away by boat from Mahahual. You will truly live a magical experience that will resemble what an underwater safari should truly look like.

Nurse Sharks tend to be the theme of most dives as they are quite abundant and unafraid of divers, giving you an up close  experience with these amazing creatures. Other marine species that you can expect to encounter while scuba diving are Loggerhead Turtles, Eagle Rays, Moray Eels, fascinating coral formations, incredible schools of fish and occasionally dolphins.

On Cayo Centro, the main island of Banco Chinchorro exists the largest congregation of any type of crocodile species in the world. There are over 400 American Crocodiles over a small area considering the number of Crocodiles mentioned. This will give you a close and personal setting with these majestic animals that are very misunderstood by most.

Live the experience of a lifetime when you go to Banco Chinchorro.

Trip does require 1-hour boat ride each way.*