COVID-19 and TerraXplorers
Covid-19 has not stopped us at TerraXplorers from going out and exploring the ocean and jungle.
There is no doubt that many people have grown psychologically weary with effects of the worldwide quarantine. What is the best medicine to combat any psychological stress?! NATURE.... and no better way to enjoy nature safe from covid other than scuba diving.

Why travel to Mexico?


Mexico has lived up to its reputation of being a friendly host to all who come its way. Throughout the pandemic that saw most countries shut its borders completely, Mexico took its historical and humanitarian approach of receiving people that were being kicked out from the countries they were visiting and that could not find a flight back home. Many people who were doing long breaks from work and traveling the world had to come to Mexico and how lucky were they. Mexico is a country that has everything! Jungles, deserts, forests, glaciers, snow covered mountains, active volcanoes, waterfalls, cenotes, plains, lakes, atolls, beaches on the Pacific Ocean, Sea of Cortez, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, plus cities and towns that have a history and gastronomy that is rivalled nowhere and a culture that goes back millenniums.

Mexico is NOT restricting tourists from entering its borders, and NOT forcing a quarantine on no one. Mexico is taking all the preventive measures otherwise needed against covid-19, like forcing people to wear facemasks in any federal, state or municipal properties like airports and public transportation, being tested with a laser thermometer upon entering - not allowing anyone above 37C° inside, along with having hand sanitizer available everywhere you go. These measures plus the constant efforts by officials to create consciousness in its citizens to act responsibly has led many countries to drop travel restrictions to Mexico for its citizens and residents. Americans, Canadians, Europeans and Latin-Americans should all feel safe and free to travel to the country that they love so much, and that it loves them back so much to.

At TerraXplorers we are following all procedures and recommendations given by authorities on covid-19. Having a facemask and using it when necessary is a requirement for ALL 2021 scuba diving trips and land excursions. We have a laser thermometer that will be used before going into our ground transportation vehicle as well as the use of hand sanitizer every time we enter. All guests must comply with the rules authorities set when entering archaeological sites, natural parks, hotels, restaurants, etc.


Back to normal in 2022?


Can’t guarantee normality will be back, but things should definitely be a lot smoother in terms of covid-19 by the time 2022 comes along. We will continue to follow authorities recommendations until the pandemic is 100% over.