Mahahual Reef 
Mahahual Dive Site Map.png
Dive Sites
Our most southern point along the Mahahual reef is one of our most amazing dive sites based on its remoteness and not having much boat traffic. It is a great place to spot turtles and moray eels that could be hiding in the many crevice's you can explore. 
10mtrs - 25mtrs
30ft - 70ft
Rio Bermejo
Rio Bermejo dive site happens near the only natural opening between the mangrove systems and the coral reefs. This attracts a variety of wildlife including large schools of fish that come to congregate at this nutrient rich area.
10mtrs - 25mtrs
30ft - 75ft
Punta Tam
Grand formations of coral structures that create vast canyons underwater that are great for exploring and getting a close up look at the reef and all its inhabitants. 
15mtrs - 30mtrs
45ft - 90ft
Dos Ojos
Sand patches form the shape of two eyes on the ocean floor which are surrounded by a variety of corals. Great dive site for beginners as you descend by line into shallow waters before heading into slightly deeper water. Lots of wildlife at this point to observe, including squid and stingrays.
8mtrs - 20mtrs
25ft - 60ft
Jardines which means gardens in Spanish really lives up to its name as it is literally and underwater garden. Great variety of corals and fish make this dive one of the more attractive dives of the Mahahual Reef.
20mtrs - 40mtrs
60ft - 120ft
40 Cañones
40 Cañones is one of the most popular dive sites of the area as it use to have a sunken boat that has since been slowly removed by nature and humans, but creating a great habitat for many endemic species of the area.
15mtrs - 30mtrs
45ft - 90ft
A favorite among locals and tourists. Escalones is a great site to find Eagle Rays, Stingrays and potentially Nurse Sharks. A multi-level dive that is great for divers that love nature.
15mtrs - 30mtrs
45ft - 90ft
Faro Viejo
Our most northern dive site on the Mahahual Reef is definitely the most unique and different site in the area. Characterized by a field a of giant Sponges with lots of Lionfish and light drift north with a slopping hill down into the blue is great place to see a variety of Rays.  
20mtrs - 40mtrs
60ft - 120ft
There are more dive sites, but these are our favorites on the Mahahual Reef.